1. Pursue God

    But people who long to be rich fall into temptation and are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction. (NLT) ( 1 Timothy 6:9 )

    Ask around and everyone will tell you they wish they had more money. But yet, more than likely, there is food on the table and clothes on their backs. We must be diligent in our thoughts to avoid longing to be rich. This greediness leaves us vulnerable to take risks that lead to ruin all for the sake of being rich. Seek out contentment in the Lord and you will receive many blessings.
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    Our motivation should be doing Gods will and expanding his kingdom. Loving him and others


  2. Our Fathers who protects

    Isaiah 41:10 So do not fear, for I am with you;do not be dismayed, for I am your God.I will strengthen you and help you;I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

    There are a few things that stand out to me about this scripture that I just have to share.

    A Father who protects

    When we were children, we all had that experience of running to our parent after hearing a strange noise in a parents bedroom. We felt safe and secure with them around because they were bigger than us and our wild imaginations of whatever boogie man that was in our closets or under our beds.

    God is our Heavenly Father and he wants us to run to him; when we’re scared or unsure of a situation.

    Another factor of this scripture that stands out to me is that God will help you, strengthen you, and hold you in his righteous right hand. Just to give a parallel example of how this is a fatherly type of protection:

    when I was little I loved to skip and jump but I had a rare hereditary condition that caused me great pain when I would fall and get hurt. My dad had that same condition so he would help me to prevent me from getting hurt. He would also wrap his big daddy hand around my wrist so that I can skip and jump without falling.

    God does the same for us in the spiritual realm. He holds us with his right hand so that we don’t have to be afraid of falling because He’ll make sure we don’t fall. And we can trust him that he will hold us.

  3. Just found out that I have three more classes instead of one… #rage #sickofschool #hatecollege #Lordgetmethroughthis #collegesucks


  4. Read This

    Last night on facebook, i posed the question: if God told you to give up Beyonce forever would you? The results were sad. One person liked it and two people said yes.

    There is a Christian band named Hillsong and on there album one of the singers asked the crowd to make some noise. He goes on to say “good Im glad we can hear you because its more about your voice than ours” when you go to a Beyonce concert or  any other artist, all the artist sees is a wave of people and all that is heard is a roar of screaming. After the concert the artist collects the money and you go home with a sore throat.

    When you scream for a singer, your individual voice cannot be heard and that singer will never know your name. If you meet them you, you will be forgotten moments later.

    When i heard the singer from Hillsong say that its about my voice more than theirs gave me something to think about. When I sing to a Beyonce or Rhianna there is nothing there but an of entertainment. When you sing to God, he not only hears you but he knows your voice from everyone else. After the concert he still knows my name and my voice is still in his ears.

    It is not a sin to listen to secular music but be careful not to make these celebrities gods in our lives. They are just very talented people.

  5. Naomi, Julien Macdonald Spring 2003

    Shes is my favorite

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  7. Minit Chocolate Chip ice cream

    There are somethings that married couples adopt from each other. One of which for me is mint chocolate chip ice cream. It’s amazing. I never really payed it any mind because it’s green and minty…and I didn’t believe that it would be could because of the combination of mint and chocolate. HOWEVER! i’ve had it and it’s amazing…you should try it…

  8. digg:

    Monday is the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Here are some photos from that day by Rowland Scherman.  

    Beautiful time in history.

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  9. Today is our one year anniversary and I thank God for blessing me with the love of my and beat friend in the whole wind world!!! I lobe my husband so much!!! #love #anniversary #marriage #oneyear #wedding #husband #august32012 #bestdayever #alwaysand forever #foralltimes #instagood #instagramerb


  10. We thought we were doing something pt 2.0

    Idk how I could forget one of our best memories so far, our painting adventure. After much deliberation, someone decided to paint a brick pattern on two of the walls down stairs (me)… We went to get paint with no idea as to what we were doing but hey that’s what makes it fun right?

    The night we painted the first brick wall was epic! We were wil’in out! We had redbull and beer in our systems (not a good combo by the way). We had Earth, Wind, and Fire and KT Tunstall blaring throughout the house until oh I don’t know 4am….

    Oh yes we ran out of tape and decided to go to Walmart in Willow Grove on the a middle of the night..at about oh don’t know 11pm….
    Lol we just knew we were doing something!!!!!